Bake House

Pick up slow-fermented sourdough and associated viennoiserie delivered daily from the bake house at Dairy Flat Farm.


Delivered each morning straight from Dairy Flat Farm

Get delicious slow fermented sourdough loaves, baguettes, doughnuts and pastries here daily. We recommend getting in early to avoid missing out.

A ‘meeting of minds’ collaboration between Lake House Culinary Director Alla Wolf-Tasker AM and Michael James one of Australia’s most venerated bakers, the bake house at Dairy Flat Farm (the new property from the team at Lake House) is another one of those “dare to dream” projects that continually peppers the ongoing journey of the Wolf-Tasker family.

Driving this one is the desire to fly in the face of industrialised bread production and to support the growers and millers of small local grain economies. In the process, the local community has gained added access to good bread.

The mission to supply guests with not only the best, but also with product whose provenance is always known continues.

The Bake House is only open to residential guests of the Lodge at Dairy Flat Farm and on the occasional open day. Intimate Sourdough workshops are also available to book.


Fresh baguettes filled with tasty things like hummus, avocado and bean sprouts are available from the shelf – perfect for vegetarians and vegans. There are also options layered with shavings of prosciutto and poached chicken.

If you have time to chill, what could be better than tucking into a delicious sourdough doughnut with classic custard filling whilst sipping on a good cup of St. ALi coffee?


A selection of produce by Alla Wolf-Tasker that is used throughout the cafe.

“There has always been a Wolf in our kitchen. My Russian parents were both great cooks and our kitchen was always the heart of the home. Preserving the bounty from our garden and orchard was a seasonal occupation. Jars of dill tomatoes and cucumbers, pickled mushrooms and sauerkraut were always in abundance, and pots of jam opened in the depth of winter reminded us of sunny days.

When friends visited they were fed, regardless of the time of day. Those special memories inspired my becoming a chef and restaurateur and in 1984 we opened the Lake House in Daylesford. I’ve had the good fortune to share our place with so many guests over the years and to welcome them to our table. Now we’re delighted to have a selection of favourite recipes to enjoy at home.

As we say, ‘Priatnogo Appetita?’ Enjoy!” –Alla

Dairy Flat Farm produce is available for sale online.


Lake House assist in raising funds for the Hepburn Wildlife Shelter through the sales of soft Toy Wombat on site! HWS is a 24–hour, self-funded volunteer wildlife rescue and treatment centre.



Wombat Hill Botanic Gardens
(entry off Central Springs Rd) Daylesford Vic 3460
03 7017 5999

OPEN FRIDAY - TUESDAY | 9:00am - 3:30pm

10% surcharge on Sundays and 15% surcharge on public holidays.