Daylesford Pure Elderflower & Coconut Candle


Elderflower blooms in abundance in Daylesford throughut summer. The floral scent promotes a sense of calm and is considered by some to be a potent aphrodisiac. It can also contribute to alleviating anxiety, irritability and situational depression. Floral & fresh, this candle blends a nutty coconut base with floral notes of elderflower to create a balance that feels refreshing and nurturing.

• Hand-poured in Australia
• Creamy all-natural soy wax candle, derived from renewable resources.
• Recycled frosted black glass and timber lid
• Up to 100 hours of burn time pleasure per candle (750g each)
• Blend of premium essential oils
• Presented in a beautiful Daylesford Pure box

Fragrance: Elderflower & Coconut | Weight: 750g