Grounded Pleasures Real White Drinking Chocolate


Fairly traded, gluten-free, GMO-free and 100% natural.

An Australian first, a Real White Drinking Chocolate (200g) that is a fine powdered white chocolate bar. Uniquely, this contains 20% Ghanian cocoa butter. To their knowledge, Grounded Pleasures is the only drinking chocolate to contain real cocoa butter, which is what gives this white chocolate its flavour and amazing texture. Ethically sourced Papua New Guinean vanilla was also added to make for a truly sumptuous cup of Real White Drinking Chocolate.

Craig & Sophie are the owners of Grounded Pleasures in Ballarat – 36km from Daylesford. They are committed to using quality products which showcase the world’s greatest cocoa-growing terroir. They process the beans naturally and minimally with care, to reveal their best qualities. Our favourites are Noir, Chilli & Mint – but do not take our word for it!

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