‘A Wolf in the Kitchen’ Signature Pack


This signature one-stop pack will ‘lift’ your own pantry game – or a great gift for someone else. Great jams and jellies that remind you of a summer day when you open their lids. Useful chutney and fruit pastes – no preservatives, no artificial additives or colours. Beautiful for gift giving.

Our signature pack includes a few favourite items from Alla Wolf-Tasker’s ‘A Wolf in the Kitchen’ range including:

• Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 500ml
• Tomato Relish – 350g
• Fig & Pear Paste – 400g
• Quince Paste – 350g
• Grapefruit, Lemon & Lime Marmalade – 300g
• Apple & Elderberry Jelly – 350g
• Blackberry & Apple Jam – 320g

*Please note items are small batch and flavours may be replaced as seasonal adjustments are made.